Lymph: The next frontier in liquid biopsy

Identifying recurrence risk before cancer spreads

The centrality of the lymphatic system in metastasis has been recognized for over fifty years.

The lymphatic system regulates immune responses to pathogens and cancer, making lymph fluid a rich, proximal source of lymphocytes, protein and other biomarkers.

Unlike blood, it has never been feasible to access patient lymph routinely for research or diagnosis.

Until now.

Droplet has pioneered a platform to harvest and profile patient lymph through the routine collection of surgical drain fluid.


Concentration of lymphatic fluid provides enhanced window into tumor microenvironment.


Proximity to tumor site yields superior local assessment of recurrence risk.


Availability immediately after surgery enables adjuvant decision-making.

Our lymph liquid biopsy will enable earlier, more precise care following surgery, while our expansive lymph dataset will offer novel insights in areas such as patient selection and treatment response.

With expertise in oncology, surgery, genomics, diagnostics, biology, and bioinformatics, the Droplet team is changing the way cancer is treated.